We value and respect our customers… so it means a lot to us when they return that respect with a note, email or posting on our facebook page.  

We would like to share some of these messages.

American Family Fitness Northside would like to thank you for your participation in our Fitness Bazaar. We are very appreciative for the information you gave our members, guest and staff on the services your company provides.  Additionally, along with Stephanie Moore our Aquatics Director, we are excited to see you back on Saturday, July 16th for your dive class. We hope we can look forward to future collaboration with you and your company in future events such as our Fitness Bazaar. With sincerest thanks,” – Brandon Helper, Fitness Directory, AFF Northside

Carter, Thank you for being a great dive master. I really appreciated the help and I learned a lot. I look forward to joining you on future dives. Thanks again” – Andrew O.

Zane, I will: Trust you; fill my BC when I surface; Give the proper signals; Become neutrally buoyant; I can do this! Thanks for being a patient coach, a fair coach, and most of all a fun coach! Thank you so much” – Frankie H.

I wanted to tell you that I have taken a few courses and had my children also trained at Richmond Dive and Travel. I am thrilled with the skill, professionalism, and care that the staff has taken with my family. Richmond Dive and Travel is an excellent ambassador of PADI in the Richmond, Virginia (USA) area. I hope to continue to enjoy their services for yours to come. I just wanted to pass along my praise, as I see PADI solicits these comments in some random surveys, but I wanted to make sure you know in case I was not asked.” – Chet P (Published in the 2nd Quarter 2013 issue of PADI’s “The Undersea Journal”)

Dear Zane, Carter, Linda, Andy, Felicia, (and Bill): Dave and I would like to express our appreciation for your wonderful time we had visiting the Bahamas. We enjoyed Breezes and look forward to returning there in the future. As for the diving experience: WOW! We are still sharing stories with each other of animals we saw and how enjoyable it was to be next to a Barracuda or Eel. I know I speak for Dave as well as myself, in regards to the excellent education we received at the dive shop. We enjoyed our meals with everyone in our group; just sitting around talking, laughing and being ourselves. No STRESS, which is what we both needed. This was an awesome vacation, we are so glad to have shared this experience with all of you.” – Monika and Dave F.

A shout out goes to Zane Frye. He suggested that we send the UK dive light, that we could not figure out why it would not work, back to UK. Because it was the large pistol grip dive light and cost a good amount of money 7 ears ago, I went with the suggestion. It was hard to believe but Zane called and said the UK light was back. When I got to the shop on Midlothian I was surprised to find a brand NEW and much improved 700 lumen UK dive light. Clearly, it was not just a replacement but the next generation, best OK had. UK products are superior to most and now I know their customer satisfaction level must be the best in the industry. Zane saved me of $180.00. BTW, Zane and Richmond Dive and Travel have the top of the line GoPro’s in stock and the price is super. Thanks Zane!” – Jim Y.

Carter, Thanks very much for the excellent PADI training you and the team provided Ross and I at last weekend’s open water class. We are excited to get started on our “scuba career” and appreciate your no-nonsense teaching style, your patience, and your thoroughness with our many questions. We look forward to seeing you at the quarry in a couple of weeks. Sincerely,” – Kimberly T.

Subject: Service Due: We dropped off the equipment, he (Wayne, RDT Service Manager) was a great help. Thanks for all your help over the past couple of years. The officer replacing me will be contacting you soon I will forward any emails that I receive to him. Feel free to come by the station and talk with any of the members if you need anything. Again thanks for all the help, we are better because you where willing to work with us.” – Raymond N, Richmond Fire Department

Laura, Natalie, and myself really enjoyed the intro to scuba class at American Family last night. We all went right out and signed up to be certified. We look forward to the June classes back at American Family.” and then…“Just finished the PADI Open Water Certification class this weekend. The instructors were fantastic, and worked with us when we had trouble with some of the technical portions of the dives. If we did not do it correctly, we were asked to do it again to make sure we had the techniques down. Great experience. I can’t wait to see the ocean from the floor up! Thank You Zane, and Carter for giving us the tools to be safe divers. We look forward to our first dive with the Shark Club.” – Terry C.

Just got back from a diving trip in Florida Springs with “Richmond Dive and Travel” company. The trip was very well organized, explained and a ton of fun! the people were all friendly and the atmosphere was beyond expectation. Thank you for all your hard work of creating the trip and managing it and driving!! I am truly blessed to dive in the sights you took me and get a kiss from a Manatee! THANK YOU!!” — Tomer S.

The Richmond Dive and Travel Shop is one of the Best if not the BEST here in Richmond. One of the best people you can work with is Zane Frye. He will take care of you and I have had well over 100% in Customer Satisfaction with him and the people who work there…” — Tommy C

“To Zane, Carter and Wayne….thanks for everything. It’s been a lot of fun and I definitely feel qualified, not just certified. I can’t wait to get back in the water and look forward to taking the advanced course. You guys are the best. If anyone ever needs a dive buddy for trips to Lake Rawlings, give me a shout. I could use the practice.” –  Wayne M.