Scuba Equipment Service at Richmond Dive and Travel


Drop off your equipment at our shop for no-cost and no-obligation equipment inspection and testing.

REGULATOR SETS TESTS (First and Second Stages):
Overall Condition, 1st Stage Intermediate Pressure, Cracking Pressure on Primary Regulator, Cracking Pressure on Octo Regulator, Gauge Pressure (if attached), Leak test for the whole assembly.

Overall Condition, Inflator Function Test, Leak Test

A tracking tag will be placed on your equipment clearly identifying you, your equipment make and model numbers and how we will contact you following the tests.

Upon completion of the testing, we will provide you with a written test report covering our findings including the actual measurements and the manufacturers tolerances (where available) for each measurement.

service-areaOur Repair Shop

Our scuba-equipment-service facility is fully equipped to meet any of your repair or service requirements!

Regulator and Buoyancy Compensator Inspection and Service
Just as you care for your personal health, your scuba diving equipment requires regular service to be maintained in tiptop condition. Your regulator, buoyancy compensator and computer are an underwater life support package and at Richmond Dive and Travel we realize that the proper functioning of this equipment is essential to your safety underwater.

All of our equipment technicians are certified by the manufacturer to perform repairs and service on your warrantied equipment. Your required annual service will consist of sonic cleaning of all metal parts, inspecting and lubricating all internal components, replacing parts as required by service procedures and re-assembling all stages of the regulator. Your regulator will then be flow-bench tested multiple times to assure it is performing to manufacturer’s specifications. When we return your equipment to you, we will provide an itemized summary of service. Any problems detected during the service of your regulator will be immediately reported to you, along with an estimate for the repair of these problems.

Your buoyancy compensator will be inspected to detect any bladder leaks and thoroughly cleaned. We leak test the bladder to insure proper performance. The inflator mechanism is inspected and cleaned and if required, serviced to factory specifications. Please note that some BC inflator devices which malfunction require replacement due to manufacturer’s design.


Need your equipment serviced but live out of our area?
No problem! Simply ship your equipment to us and we’ll be happy to insure it’s prompt service and return to you! Please print this form and include it with your shipment. Be sure to note your tracking number to prevent delays in delivery

We are certified to due warranty work for the following manufactures.

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