Senior Staff

Richmond Dive and Travel has a diverse and talented staff with decades of combined scuba and business experience.  Our Senior Staff are owners of Richmond Dive and Travel and all have extensive training.

Zane2Zane Frye – Owner / PADI Staff Instructor
NAUI Instructor Trainer, PADI Staff Instructor, SDI/TDI Instructor, ASHI Instructor.

I was born in High Point, North Carolina in 1958 and moved to Richmond in 1985. I joined the U.S. Army in 1977 and served on active duty until 1981, subsequently joining the Virginia Army National Guard and serving in various positions until my retirement in 2005. I’m the managing partner of the shop, so I’m here every day looking forward to your next visit.

ZaneI learned to dive in 1999, and have enjoyed diving in Nassau, Aruba, Costa Rica, the Florida Keys and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ve had many memorable dive experiences, but nothing beats the quiet, peaceful descent of any dive, just waiting for
the next new adventure to rise up and meet you. Whether you’re diving with sharks in the Bahamas, exploring a reef in the Keys or swimming with the manta rays in Costa Rica, diving has a new adventure and something to see for everyone.

I became a dive instructor in 2003. While my Army and civilian careers have included teaching, there’s nothing like teaching someone to dive. Helping you unlock the door to that underwater realm and seeing the reaction on your face as you experience diving for the first time has undoubtedly been my biggest thrill in diving. Come see us soon, you’ll be glad you did.

Carter_200x200Carter Hill – Owner / NAUI Course Director
NAUI Course Director, PADI Staff Instructor, SDI/TDI Instructor, Boy Scout Scuba Merit Badge Counselor.

I was born in Mansfield, Ohio in 1954, but have lived here in Richmond, Virginia since 1960. I am married with one daughter and work in real estate management. I’ve been a member of the South Richmond Rotary since 1997, am a past State President of MADD and the founding member of the Chance Youth Foundation.

I’ve been diving since 1980 and have enjoyed many different dive locations Carter3_200x200throughout the United States and Caribbean. I became a professional diver in 1990 when I received my divemaster certification, and have since received my instructor’s certification in 2006.

The most thrilling part of diving to me is that you are always able to see something different every time you dive, regardless of the location. I really enjoy diving in Nassau, Bahamas, as well as the Outer Banks of North Carolina and in Florida. I’m an avid spearfisherman, so come join me to spear and prepare dinner in Nags Head some time!