Scuba Programs for Scouts

RDT’s Scuba Programs for Scouts

Richmond Dive and Travel offers a number of Scouting programs and courses including BSA Snorkeling, BSA Scuba and Open Water Diver with Scuba Merit Badge. We also have a Scuba Merit Badge Councellor on staff.


Adventure! Teamwork! Conservation! Responsibility!

These are just four of the many things that Scouting offers its members and these also happen to be some of the most important components of scuba diving. We teach teamwork through the use of the buddy system, responsibility in care and maintenance of equipment, conservation in our actions as divers and the great adventure of exploring the underwater world!

We Bring Diving to You

Richmond Dive and Travel was founded in April, 2010 with a business plan unique to the Richmond marketplace: “We Bring Diving to You.” Our mobile training capabilities enable us to conduct classroom and confined water (pool) training for your scouts in a location convenient to us both, reducing travel and logistical requirements for the troop, parents and leaders alike.

Merit Badge Counselor

One of our founders is a certified Merit Badge Counselor, so we’ve structured our training program to insure that every participating scout completing their open water certification has met the requirements for this merit badge.

One Free for Every Four Paying

We’d also like to help the troop’s leaders and parents more easily meet the financial requirements of the course, so for every four paying participants, we offer a free course to help reduce cost. This coupled with reduced pricing in required personal equipment results in a substantial saving to the troop.

Funded Scholarship Program

In addition to the above discount program, for every 10 paid participants, Richmond Dive and Travel will contribute one scholarship for a free open water course for the person of your choice.

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