FREE Regulator and BCD Inspection and Testing

FREE Regulator and BCD Inspection and Testing

Richmond Dive and Travel will conduct the following tests on your scuba regulator set and/or BCD:

REGULATOR SETS (First and Second Stages)service

  1. Overall Condition
  2. 1st Stage Intermediate Pressure
  3. Cracking Pressure on Primary Regulator
  4. Cracking Pressure on Octo Regulator
  5. Gauge Pressure (if attached)
  6. Leak test for the whole assembly.


  1. Overall Condition
  2. Inflator Function Test
  3. Leak Test

A tracking tag will be placed on your equipment clearly identifying you, your equipment make and model numbers and how we will contact you following the tests.

Upon completion of the testing, we will provide you with a written test report covering our findings including the actual measurements and the manufacturers tolerances (where available) for each measurement.

Drop off your equipment at either of our two locations.