Dive Masters

Richmond Dive and Travel has a diverse and talented staff with decades of combined scuba and business experience. Please take a moment to learn about our dedicated Dive Masters.


DebiDebi Moir – Divemaster
PADI Divemaster

I was born in England, and arrived in the US in 1970. My husband (Bob Ross) and I began our diving journey together in 1989 with Richard Carter as our instructor. We both completed our first ocean water dive in October, 1989 in Florida. That first giant stride from the boat that looked so different from a saunter into the quarry!Debi2

I never really had a specific plan regarding my diving progression. Advanced open water certification was completed in Aruba a few years later when I realized I was doing those dives anyway; all that was missing was the signature of an instructor. After several more dives (and years) I decided improve my diving by undertaking the daunting task of Divemaster.

My Divemaster certification was completed in December, 2000. My 400th dive in 2010 was on the Vandenberg. I have been fortunate enough to dive in the Caribbean, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Other than diving, my background includes a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Mary Baldwin College and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond. I am a certified instructor for water aerobics currently teaching at American Family Fitness. I am now able to learn a different side of the diving industry by being a member of the Richmond Dive and Travel Team.

SamSam Nunnelly – Divemaster
PADI Divemaster

I was born and raised in Blackstone VA. In 1986, I fulfilled my childhood dream and became a firefighter by joining the Blackstone Vol. Fire Department where I am still an active member. After high school, I worked as an electrician in Richmond and finally Blackstone until 1998 when I was hired by Fort Pickett Fire Rescue in sam2Nottoway VA, where I still work as an Assistant Chief. I also teach fire classes around the state as an Instructor for The Virginia Department of Fire Programs, and Dominion Power. In 2003, I took the plunge and became an honest man, and in 2006 my wife Amy, gave birth to our daughter Kathryn. I began diving in 2008 when the fire department hosted an Open Water class. I was hooked immediately. I kept diving and taking classes and completed the Divemaster program in March of 2011. My most memorable diving experience was my first trip to Nassau. It was amazing, the clear blue water, the beautiful coral and sea life, the awesome wrecks, but most of all I got to swim with Sharks! When I am not working or diving, I enjoy spending time with my family exploring the great outdoors.

bill_eBill Echelberger – Divemaster
PADI Divemaster

My greatest scuba thrill has got to be floating weightless. It’s like flying!  The ocean can be so peaceful and fascinating whether it’s at 25 feet or 170 feet (by the way I am a technical diver with the following certifications: Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range and Trimix). There’s always something new to see and Bill_E2do – another challenge just ahead.  I learned to dive at 48. That’s a time when many guys are starting to slow down and give up the activities that have kept them active.  Diving has allowed me to continue learning and stay adventurous.  Until recently my favorite diving was among the wrecks and reefs in Nassau, Bahamas.  That was until I got the rare opportunity to do a drift dive fifty miles off the coast of Morehead City, North Carolina.  The current was ripping, but you couldn’t feel it as you drifted weightless in the blue. The deep wrecks off North Carolina are historically significant, and hauntingly beautiful with diverse marine life.  Professionally I’m a Fiscal Analyst for the Virginia Senate and I live in the city of Richmond.

SteveSteve Chambers – Divemaster
PADI Divemaster

I was born and raised in Richmond, Va in 1968. I joined the Army in 1988 and had various duty stations around the world. In 2003 after leaving the military I was sitting by the pool in Jamaica noticing divers training in the pool and became curious. The instructor said it was free to dive at the resort so I took the plunge. After the first dive he could see my excitement and said how would you like to do that anywhere in the world. Since that day I’ve been traveling the world diving everywhere I can find water. I became a professional diver in summer of 2012 and eagerly await my next challenge. My certifications are Dive Master, Advanced Nitrox and Limited Penetration Wreck Diver to name a few. I love to dive but more than that I love divers.  They are truly good people and a close family to spend time with at home and abroad.